Why Should You Blog?

Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style. The one who’s writing articles and maintaining the website are called blogger. Blogging has so much use nowadays in the digital world. The benefit of blogging are enumerated below.

1 – Use to promote a brand of a product


Many companies and establishment nowadays are using digital menas to promote their company and product. They sometimes invites reknown bloggers of huge following to make a review of their company and post it in their respective blogsite.

2 – Create your personal journal and diary


Another benefit of blogging is you can create journal or digital records of your daily life to which you can access in anyplace using your capable smart phone or laptop as long as it has internet connection coverage.

3 – Building a network


By creating a blog you can build your network of readers and followers. If you can write eloquently and interestingly people will continue to flocked your site to your advantage

4 – Improve your writing style


Constantly writing and posting an article will definitely improve your writing style. It is a sure benefits of blogging because once you write about a certain topic you will be obliged to vastly research so that you can give your followers and readers a good article.

5 – Write article anonymously


Oftentimes, we do not want our identity to be compromise online. There are also people who do not want to divulge their identity online. It is another benefits of blogging because you have a total control of your online identity. You can write any topics on your blog without inhibitions and without the fear of exposing your identity

6 – Sell a product or services


Another benefit of blogging is its use to sell some products and services without physically going to a potential buyers house or location. You can easily demo your products in your blog or outline that services you are selling without the hassle of doing it in front of them.

7 – Make money by putting some ads on your blog


It is probably the easiest benefit of blogging for you if you already achieved huge views and followers on your blog. You can easily do this by putting some ads in your blog like google adsense and the likes.

8 – Alternate online photo storage and travel journal


Your blogsite can be an alternate online photo storage aside from your social media account. You can upload your travel photos accompanied by some words of description in a blog post.

9 – Post sharing opportunity


Most blogsites nowadays already has a share button wherein you can instantly share you blog post to your social media account for wide audience coverage. It is another benefits of blogging that you can instantly post an article to your blogsite and simultaneously provides link of it to your social media account like facebook and twitter.

10 – Sustain brand or product popularity


By maintanining a blog about a famous product or company you are doing a bridge to sustain its popularity for longer terms because of the fact that people or patrons of that particular product or company will be fully informed about its updates by simply reading and subscribing to the blog.

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