How to Take Professional Photos With iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

If you want to take some professional photos with iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus then you must read this article. Buying a DSLR camera still does not guarantee that you will be able to take great photos. Photographers of National Geographic once again proved that it all depends on the person and not the technique or camera.

Professional Photos With iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Nowadays people are replacing DSLR cameras with their smart phones. Because smart phones provide features to capture high quality photos. In this article we are going to discuss how a person can take professional photos with iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus.

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1. Hold the iPhone at your fingertips

Professional law: “The best camera – is the one that is always with you.” If you with me did not have a camera, a unique view and the best view ever remain only in your memory.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are the perfect device to take professional photos for the photographer – they are always at hand, always ready to capture the moments standing – especially unexpected.A nd let the quality of the optics on mobile phones is still limited, but it is possible to win in efficiency. Especially if you’re lucky enough to be there, where there is no professional photographer. “The pictures taken with the phone can be very touching and special, and that in itself is fine,” says professional photographer.

2. Use both hands

Taking professional photos with iPhone 7 is really simple when you use both hands. It’s always advisable to hold the phone with your left hand and press the trigger with your right thumb no matter in what angle you take the photo. The shutter is released only after you remove your finger from the button on the touch screen. The softer shapes make this movement, the more pronounced is improved photo quality. This rule is especially important when shooting indoors in poorly lit areas, or with multi-colored lighting.

3. Give up the zoom and come closer

For high-quality professional photos with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, take advantage of touching your screen to adjust sharpening and maximum angle shooting. It helps to build the track and improves sharpness. The greater the zoom, the more likely it is that the camera shake effect on the quality of the image.

And yet we must remember that fast-moving objects are better to shoot via SLR, camera phones are not able to clearly compete with them in this kind of shooting. “Try your best to capture the best photography, but don’t be afraid to capture”, – advises the photographer.

4. Do not complicate composition

One of the laws states that perfect photo composition should be clear and simple. This rule is especially important when your trying to take professional photos with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Everything in the picture should work to create a mood. Repetition creates a rhythm, which will follow the eyes. Photographs sent to other phones, will look small – yet another reason for close-ups and a simple composition.

5. Remember about lighting

The quality of light determines the picture quality even when shooting on the phone.When shooting portraits, it is best to avoid direct light on the people, because it can create harsh shadows.

Shooting during a storm can be exciting, but the most prefers lighting is shade or a little cloudiness. For technical reasons, a small iPhone lens is best suited precisely to such conditions.

Here are some professional photos taken with iPhone

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6. Look for a beautiful reflection

Reflections are everywhere: in the puddles, windows, mirrors and shiny objects.

7 shows the depth and scale

To give a scale sufficient to enable the composition to human or recognizable object. “I always try to look for silhouettes to create dynamic images” – shares the secrets of professional photographer.

8. Look for unusual angles

No matter you take off on a professional camera or mobile phone. The main thing to remember about the importance of angles and perspectives. Do not be afraid to experiment, you need to take off the top, bottom, look for unusual perspective. “When you see something original, you can not only take pictures but also shoot video and edit it with iMovieĀ», – advises the photographer.

9. shoot portraits

if you want to capture some professional portraits photography then use your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Because of its size, people often do not even see that they are removed, and remain themselves. best suited for portraits of the light from the window. The window is a light source attached to the face in the picture a pleasant softness and naturalness.

10. Take off abstraction and something funny

I like to photograph unusual street art that I find walking through unfamiliar streets for me. Look for unusual perspectives, shadows and reflections. It is always good to carry your camera when you are in a new place. And you never know what you’ll see in the next second.

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