Santa Claus Photoshop Tutorials (25 Tutorials)

Santa Claus Photoshop Tutorials: Santa Claus is a very desired person to children across the world. Every children want’s gift from him. They believe Santa Claus will come and give them gift as they wish. Children go to sleep and start dreaming about Santa Claus. They really love Santa Claus very much.

Elder people bought and give gift and said that Santa Claus came and give them gift. This tradition is going on from thousands of years. This makes Children very happy.

Santa Claus is very popular among children so if we provide card mail with Santa Claus then they will be more happy. In gift shop Santa Claus picture is very useful too. We can use Santa Claus in many other way too. So I am going to provide some beautiful Santa Claus Photoshop tutorials for you. This Santa Claus Photoshop tutorials will help you in your design.

Santa Claus in a sledge

Create a new file, having 850x566px and 72 dpi. Paint it in with color – C7CCF6.


Flying Santa Claus with gifts

This lesson I intend to draw a very nice New Year postcard.


Dancing Santa Claus and Christmas Tree

In this tutorial we will create picture with Santa Claus and Christmas Tree.


Christmas Shiny Background

In this tutorial we will learn how to made an Christmas shiny background.


Santa’s Sleigh Drawing

Create a new file with 800×600 px and 72 dpi. Having the next instrument


Christmas Hat

This tutorial will show you how to create a furry Christmas hat with Illustrator roughen effect.


Painting a Santa Christmas Greeting Card with Adobe Photoshop

Hey everybody :)   I just opened up my store with some of my personal artworks at,  and all promotion would be very much appreciated!  Soon, I will be sharing some different illustrations in cards.  So please check out some of the ornaments and greeting cards among other Christmas card ideas.
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How to Draw a Cute Santa in Illustrator

Today we will create a detailed vector illustration of Santa Claus pointing to a text or another image. Along with this, you will learn  how to:

– develop your own work flow
– use gradients
– add shading and lighting
– organize your work into layers


The Santa Claus Wallpaper

Learn how to create nice wallpaper with Santa Claus.


Vector Santa in Photoshop

Hey Guy’s, here’s a new Christmas theme Photoshop Tutorial on on how to create a vector Santa. We’ll use a lot of the Pen Tool and some brushes.


Learn To Draw Walking Santa Using Photoshop

Hello Photoshopper, we know that Photoshop is a powerful software in photo editing and manipulation. But at this time let us learn to draw and paint using Photoshop without photo resources, look like a photoshop cartoon drawing tutorial in the eve of festive season. We can design a character from blank page and bring it into the scene of an illustration. And our topic in this tutorial is walking Santa on the land of ice.


 Christmas Night. Magic scene with flying Santa

You may get .psd* file of with watermarked original stock images layers(!) of the “Christmas Night. Magic scene with flying Santa” Photoshop tutorial by making a payment. Put the tutorial title in “Add special instructions to seller” line of PayPal and it will be sent to you shortly.


Make a Sketchy Wallpaper for this Christmas

This tutorial will show how we can create a sketchy wallpaper for Christmas this year! We shall cover water coloring, pencil sketching and some simple lighting effects. It will be good if you are working with a pen and tablet.


Christmas Photoshop Tutorial

Christmas is coming soon and I wanted to create a nice photo manipulation tutorial this year to celebrate my favorite holiday! So, I thought that a Christmas card would be a great idea! The theme I chose is the Christmas night when Santa Claus visits good kids’ houses and leaves lots of gifts !

Learn how to turn a daytime summer photo into a night time winter image. Learn how to achieve this dramatic transformation from this easy to follow tutorial.


How to Draw The Header from the Christmas Greetings Template

When Christmas time comes, we think of Christmas trees, presents, Santa Claus and Christmas ornaments. That’s why we used all of these elements in the Christmas Greetings Template, and below you can see how the header of this template was made using Photoshop.


Beautiful Fluffy Clouds in Photoshop – Christmas Tutorial

A few days ago I was watching a movie and I saw the Dream works logo. It’s very well known and incredibly beautiful; that little kid sitting on the moon fishing. But what caught my attention was the clouds on the logo. They were so dramatic, and I thought that it would be a nice idea try to replicate the effect in Adobe Photoshop CS4.


Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Christmas Greeting Card

Today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial will walk you through creating a nice greeting card for the upcoming Christmas holiday. In order to create nice, colorful presents to stuff a Christmas sock we will combine different kinds of tools, such as; the Pen Tool, Mesh Tool, Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool.


How to Create That Last-Minute Holiday e-Card in Photoshop

Christmas is just a few days away, so here is a tutorial showing how to create a Christmas design using Photoshop.


The Google Maps Santa Tracker

The whereabouts of good ol’ SantaClaus are always a matter of mystery and suspense, especially when it comes to Christmas time. After all, Saint Nick does not check in much on social networks. Well, all of this is about to change, courtesy of the Google Santa Tracker.


Create a Merry Christmas Zombie Poster in Illustrator

It’s almost Christmas time and so we decided to make a cool Illustrator tutorial as a gift for you guys. Today we are going to learn how to make this Zombie Santa Claus Christmas Poster using some simple tips. I hope you like it.


How to Create a Gorgeous Santa Claus Vector in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we will create a gorgeous Santa Claus vector in Photoshop using the basic skills and layer styling techniques.


Santa Magical sleigh flying Animation – A Photo shop tutorial

Hey Guys, Today I’ve brought a beautiful animated magical scene a photo shop tutorial for you, something a bit different from making a website or designing.


Vintage Christmas Greeting Card in Photoshop

In this new Christmas tutorial we are going to make a vintage greeting card. To make the vintage effect I will use a knitted fabric combined with some grunge old paper texture. You can choose one of my three greeting card templates and choose also the Christmas graphics inside the card. I used a Santa Claus vector graphic but you can of course try it with a snowman, with a Christmas night background, with a Christmas tree and so on.


Christmas tree design

Design a Christmas card with fir tree using Photoshop techniques and trick.


Gifts snowing on Christmas

In this very detailed tutorial I will show you how I made a ‘Gifts snowing on Christmas’ illustration in Photoshop.


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