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Macro Photography Tips: Macro photography is perhaps the most popular type of photography in the world thanks to the incredible new devices photographers have today. Some thirty years ago, not many people were able to venture into macro photography and there were not many techniques and tips as well about how to go with it. Thankfully, there are a lot of them today.

Macro Photography:

Macro photography is actually a close up focus of the object with the help of a strong and high quality lens. If you want to achieve en effective macro, the lens in use should be able to focus at 1:1 otherwise you will not obtain desired results. For instance, a 35 mm camera has a film with 24x36mm area size and therefore you have to focus on the object that easily fits into this kind of screen. In simple words, the subject you are focusing on should be of the same size as that of slide, negative or image on the film.

Easy to Notice Small Details:

Macro photography has garnered immense popularity because it is very easy to notice very small details in different elements like flowers, butterflies, portraits etc. You can get close to these things in real life and notice fine details but getting them on a screen might make you look at them for hours and still you do not get bored. In fact, macro photography is exciting, interesting and intriguing but not many people are able to do it properly.

Another brilliant feature of macro photography is that you can focus on virtually everything from small insects to tall trees. Furthermore, never confine yourself to nature and let loose your imaginations because there is no real limit.

The Choice of Camera:

The best of all types of cameras for this particular genre of photography are SLR digital cameras. It is even better if you have a model with interchangeable lenses because you will be able to focus on the same subject differently. You can also find special lenses for macro photography and in this regard, 200mm and 180mm lenses are most popular as well as recommended. They are no doubt expensive but if you want to pursue your career in macro photography, they could be extremely fruitful investment for your career.

Other Options:

If however, you do not want to or cannot afford to spend money on expensive cameras and lenses, there are three other options as well. The first one is an extension tube that runs between the lens and camera body, offering extra space between the film and digital sensor and as a result allows magnification. The second option is that of reverse ring with the help of which you can attack the lens in reverse. The final option is a close-up diopter that offers closer focus ability but you often have to compromise on quality.

Get a Good Tool:

If you want to start venturing in macro photography, you need to get a good tool because lenses alone will not accomplish the task in style. However, if you combine them with high quality camera devices such as the Canon 1DS Mark III (+110mm macro lens), they will definitely do the job as you want them to.

The F Stop:

Most of the professional and even budding photographers are familiar with the “F stop”. In case of macro photography, you need to keep it as high as possible, for example, f/8 as it will help you to get a better depth of field. Increasing F stop means aperture is getting smaller and as a result not much light enters the sensor. Therefore, if you use high F stop, you can balance things up by using a flash or lengthening the shutter time.

Tripod for Still Objects:

It is a great idea to use tripods for still objects because you will not like you camera to move while exposure. It is not very easy to focus on things with naked eyes but you can explore them really well by focusing them though macro photography. Therefore, allow your camera to work in its best parameters and avoid moving it while taking photographs.


Macro photography is really a sensational and interesting type of photography but demands great skills, dedication and effort. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you to understand and implement macro photography in most effective manner.

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