How to Install Favicon on WordPress

Installing favicon on WordPress is one of the most important thing. Recently, google Search Console made installing faviocn as a must thing for any WordPress of other websites.

Before going into how to install favicon on WordPress, let’s find out what is favicon and why do we need it.

What is a favicon?

Favicon (favicon) – a small image size 32h32px or less, located in the header of the browser tab. It is a kind of “fingerprint” of the site. When you go to most of the sites in the header of the browser tab, we see a small icon. Inspirearena’s favicon is a photographer with trees. You can see that in the below image.

To make sure your site shows this icon, you should set it up using your theme setting. If you don’t have that option, then keep reading and we are going to show you how to do it in less than 5 minutes.

Why do I need favicon?

My answer is – to identify, memorize website. However, recently Google team has suddenly decided that favicon just terribly needed each site – and made in the presence of favicon list of required parameters in the evaluation of the site and its ranking in Google SERPs.

In other words, if you have a favicon then you have high chances of getting the top place in Google search compare to all other sites with no favicon.

The presence or absence of a favicon is now included in the list of mandatory items in SEO Optimization report.

How do you know that your theme has an option to install favicon on WordPress blog?

You should kno that the default WordPress system does not add functionality favicon on your site. This feature should be in your active theme.

Most of today’s free and premium WordPress themes written by the authors – developers who consider this as a necessary process of adding an icon – the site favicon. Look carefully configure your theme.

But if your WordPress theme was written a very long time, and is not supported by the author – the developer, then you do not have the function of installing favicon on your WordPress blog.

How to Install WordPress on favicon

There are two options for installing favicon icon:

  • A free WordPress plugin
  • Hands code in the functions.php file of your active theme

Add a favicon to your WordPress plugin

There are more than 120 versions of plug-ins, with which you can not just add a single icon, and even make them evolving, with support for Retina (responsive design on smartphones and tablets), and many other chips and buns . You can search for favicon plugin here .

I chose the simplest way is to add a favicon without any difficulties and options.

Captain Favicon

how to install favicon on wordpress

Very simple free WordPress plugin called Captain Favicon. You will find it in the official catalog of WordPress –

Install and activate the plugin – standard. You’re good to go.

After activating the plugin in the Preferences section, you will find a link – Captain Favicon.

All you need to do – it is pre-prepared image (in any format: JPG, PNG, ICO) downloaded from the Library, and click save. icon image, it is desirable to be a size of 16 × 16 to 32 × 32 pixels.

Add the favicon with the new code in functions.php

Go to the Admin Console under Appearance -> Editor.

Insert the file to the functions.php of your active theme.

Insert it in the following code:

add_action ( 'admin_head' , 'show_favicon' );
function show_favicon () {
 the echo  '<link the href = "URL of the Entire an image"
 the rel = "icon" of the type = "image / x-icon">' ;

It’s very important to take a backup of your function.php file before you make any changes about installing the favicon on your WordPress blog. This way you can bring your site to default if there are any issues.

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