Guinness World Records for 2017

Guinness world records are very popular among people from all over the world. There are even craziest Guinness world records that you can’t believe. The first edition of the Guinness World Record came out in the year 1955. Since then it has been listed as one of the best selling book until today. It has been published in more than 100 countries in at least 23 different languages. Here we have listed few of the craziest Guinness records for the year 2017.

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1. The most tattooed woman with the world. The first tattoo she had tattooed in was 2006, and is now 91.5% of her body is covered with tattoos. (Photo by Al Diaz):


2. The longest dogs tail – 76,7cm. Uncomfortable wag.guinness-world-records-2017-14

3. The largest violin in the world – Hawaiian musical instrument. Its dimensions – 3.99 meters.


4. The art of possession, worthy of the Guinness Book of Records 2017. 28 planted foot for 30 seconds.


5. Would you like a crossover? You are welcome. It is the longest monster-jeep in the world – 9m 95 cm.


6. The world’s longest cat – 1m 18cm. (Photo by Paul Michael Hughes | Guinness World Records):


7. Professional driver and stuntman Terry Grant set a record on the largest “dead loop”, made by car. The height of the loop – 19.08 meters, overload – 6,5 g. By the way, the space shuttle pilots experiencing less congestion. (Photo by Richard Bradbury | Guinness World Records):


8. Highest jumping lama. Her jump is – 1m 13cm. (Photo by Paul Michael Hughes | Guinness World Records):


9. The person with the greatest turn of foot in the world. He can rotate them 157 degrees. Maybe somewhere handy. (Photo by Paul Michael Hughes | Guinness World Records):


10. The most trickiest dog in the world. In a minute, it can consistently perform 32 exercises, including stand on its feet, jumps, twists and turns.


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