Guinness World Records for 2017 Part 2

Guinness world records for 2017 has arrived. We only have 2 more months for the year 2017 but the book for 2017 Guinness World Records is available to buy in the market. It features around 4000 records from all over the world. Here are some pf the coolest Guinness records for the year 2017.

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11. The biggest mailbox in the world.


12. Remember stunt dog? And this is the trickiest cat in the world. In a minute, it can consistently perform 20 exercises. How did you get to do a cat – a mystery.


13. Dimitri Panciera, An Italian, broke his own record of balancing ice cream – 121 balls. His previous record was  – 109 balls.


14. This man has the biggest mouth in the world – 8.8 cm (Photo by Richard Bradbury | Guinness World Records):.


15. The world’s largest collection of items devoted to hamburgers – 3724 pieces. (Photo by Al Diaz | Guinness World Records):


16. The biggest shoes in the world. It weighs 680 kg. (Photo by Kevin Scott Ramos | Guinness World Records):


17. The tallest dog in the world, 96.4 cm. This giant is living in Florida. (Photo by Al Diaz | Guinness World Records):


18. The youngest woman with a beard. She is 24 years old and the length of the beard on her face is 15 cm (Photo by Paul Michael Hughes | Guinness World Records).:


19. The longest fire person – incredible 5 minutes 41 seconds. He is a professional stuntman. (Photo by Richard Bradbury | Guinness World Records):


20. Jim Bolin’s rocking chair is the largest in the world, at 17.09 meters (56 feet 1 inch) tall and 9.99 meters (32 feet 10 inches) wide.


21. The largest collection of coprolite (which is fossilized dung) belongs to George Frandsen, who owns 1,277 (hopefully sterilized) pieces of fossilized feces.


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