Where to Find Freelance Graphic Design and Web Design Work?

As a freelancer, there are best freelance websites where you can find freelance graphic design work and web design work. Here we’ve listed 10 freelance graphic design and web design sites for you to find your freelance graphic design job.

1 – Freelancer.com


It is a best freelance website from where you can get web design and freelance graphic design jobs. You have to pay some fee after registration. One registered, you can bid 8 times in a month. Payments are protected by escrow. However, a fee is charged for nearly everything on this site.

Strat Freelancing at: Freelancer

2 – Elance.com


You can register for free on this website. It is a best freelance website and you can get up to 40 connects per month. Jobs are categorized into two that is, fixed price and hourly jobs. You have to submit a proposal for the job of site, and for this proposal to appear on the top, it will cost you 4 points. Sending a single proposal costs 2 points. The key to winning a job on this site is creating a very good profile.

Strat Freelancing at: Elance

3 – Guru


Guru connects individual clients and companies to designers, developers, accountants, administrative professionals, writers, translators, marketers, and legal specialists. When you sign up for Guru, you create a profile that highlights your skills, experience, and minimum compensation requirements.

Once a client hires you, Guru holds funds in escrow until all of the project’s deliverables are approved. The platform takes 4.5% of the total payment on every project.

Strat Freelancing at: Guru

4 – oDesk.com


On this site, you can register as either a client or a freelancer. Jobs are also categorized as either fixed price or hourly. A fee of 10% is deducted on every project that you get and this goes to the site owner. Creating an accounting and becoming a member is free.

Strat Freelancing at: oDesk

5 – PeoplePerHour


For you to start bidding, you will be asked for no fee. Since its launch in 2003, it has become one of the best freelance websites where freelancers can find web design and graphic design jobs. Most of the jobs are focused on hourly rates. Credits can be bought for only $6.50.

Strat Freelancing at: People Per Hour

6 – 99designs


You have to contest for you to win a project, which means that you have to be very competitive in this. If you are a beginner, then this is the best freelance website for you. There are many freelance graphic designs and web design jobs, but the problem is that you are not guaranteed to get a job since you have to compete against others. Also, there is high cost of charges.

Strat Freelancing at: 99designs

7 – Codeable


Experts are the most favored since they have high chances of being chosen to work on a project. Most of the web design jobs are for WordPress and clients need them to be done quickly. Contractors are prevented from direct communication with the clients. WordPress experts are the best for this website.

Strat Freelancing at: Codeable

8 – AwesomeWeb


Profession graphic designers and web designers are the main target in this website. This has made it the best freelance website. The site owners always review each freelancer before they can appear in the list after searching. Experts who meet their promises in terms of quality and deadlines are advantaged.

Strat Freelancing at: Awesome Web

9 – Studio.Envato


It was initially named MicroLancer. They offer a fixed pricing for jobs and projects can be either short-term or one-time.

Strat Freelancing at: Studio Envaato

10 – Freelance.com


You can even upload your CV on this site. It is among the best freelance websites. Freelancers can find the best web design and graphic design jobs from this site.

Strat Freelancing at: Freelance

Do you know any other sites? Great! Feel free to mention it in the comment below.

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