15+ Free Online Web Design and Web Development Courses

Want to become a web designer? If your answer is yeas then you have the right decision because now all over the world a web designer can earn good money. Everyday many new websites are being created and also current websites are being developing. So there are many jobs for an web designer. But learning web design is also very costly and so on most of the interested people can’t become a web designer. Is there any solution? Yes there is. You can learn webdesign in internet! There are many high quality online courses that teach how to design a web sites. most of theme are free. So you can learn and become a web designer easily without any cost.

Now I am sharing very high quality online courses for learning web design and development. These online courses will help you to learn web design and development.


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With Yoobee Online you get actual live contact with our expert tutors. This means if you are having any trouble you can speak with them directly in our live sessions. Your tutor is also available everyday for questions, extra help and support.




Quackit teaches beginners how to create websites. We start off slowly, teaching you the basics such as HTML and CSS. We then introduce you to more advanced topics so that you can add more features to your website. So bookmark this page now and let’s begin!




Tizag was designed to teach beginner web programmers how to use HTML and CSS. We invite you to begin the tutorials right away.




Welcome to Free Webmaster Help – Everything a webmaster needs – for free. Here you will find many high quality tutorials and articles dealing with some of the most popular and important issues and technologies surrounding web development. There are also tools to help you to develop your site, a huge image database, a directory of some of the best webmaster sites and ‘Ask The Webmaster’, a new feature which allows you to ask questions about web development.




We welcome you to Hscripts.com. Praised as the best free webmaster resources online, by our users. If you are designing a website, then you can find all the resources you need for webmasters and web developers such as free scripts, web tools, programming tutorials, web design and applications, clipart images, web icons etc. Free website contents that help to develop, build, promote and maintain a web site.




Welcome to HTMlite. We’ve made these tutorials easy to understand for the common web page creator.




I have learnt web development through a several books, countless online articles and group discussions on the web and here I present tutorials on a few languages and technologies you will surely find helpful in your web development career. These free online web development tutorials have been written keeping in mind the beginner. Thus, you do not need any programming background, though it is assumed that you know how to work at a very basic level on the computer.




    • All webpages are based on the simple HTML coding language. If you’re new to webdesign this is where you should start.
  • Once you’ve learned about that, you might want to add some “intelligence” to your pages with JavaScript.




Karen Arnott is an established and enthusiastic graphic designer, with fifteen years’ worth of corporate and freelance experience. Expertise in many graphic design specialties — from logos, websites, bespoke WordPress themes, brochures, business cards, books, and just about everything in-between.




Choose a professionally designed web template provided by one of the largest web template shop on the net – WebsiteTemplates.Org.




You will find over 100 programming language tutorials, lessons, and how-to’s. You can surf through our collection of free online tutorials or read postings in one of our forums. Just choose the language you are interested in learning in the left Side Bar.




How-to-build-websites.com is designed for total beginners … and for people who use programs like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, and other wysiwyg programs (wysiwyg stands for: “What You See Is What You Get”) … and now want to learn what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’.




You’ve probably heard people say we’re living in a “post-PC world.” What does that mean for web developers? It means that 30% to 50% of your website’s traffic now comes from mobile devices. It means that soon, desktop and laptop users will be in a minority on the web.



Now I’m going to show you the bold <b> and italic <i> tags which are a great way to make your text stand out. The <b> tag basically boldfaces a character or text within the <b> tag this tag also requires an end tag. If there is no boldface text available the browser will use some other kind of method.




If you are just getting started, or you are looking to further your knowledge of HTML or CSS, go to this section for John’s easy to follow tutorials.




TechiWarehouse.Com creates and provides free computer education opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, computer literacy and computer skills needed to be successful in both work and life. By delivering thousands of articles and tutorials to millions of people in over 228+ countries and territories (and counting) ABSOLUTELY FREE, TechiWarehouse.Com is steadily becoming worldwide leader advocatein online education. Have we mentioned that all the content on our website is for Free Computer Education? Well It Is, especially for homework help! It’s All Free! Muahaha!




Welcome to Beginner’s Guide To HTML! This site covers everything you need to know about the latest versions of HTML and CSS – you’ll go from novice to pro in no time. To get started, just choose a section.




Learn HTMl and CSS with HTMLPrimer. Besides chapters for beginners, they cover advanced topics as well.




htmlPeople often think it is extremely difficult to make a website. That is not the case! Everyone can learn how to make a website. Use our tutorials on HTML and CSS and PHP and JavaScript and start building your own website in about an hour.




One of our goals at Web Design from Scratch is “Everyone’s website works”. We’re working towards a world where all websites are pleasant, easy, and appealing to use. Ben Hunt has been sharing his particular insights into what makes websites work here since 2004.




The fastest way to start developing applications for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, the web or the cloud. Visual Studio Express products provide a free development environment to develop applications for the latest platforms. Since it is Visual Studio, applications created in Express can be supported in other versions of Visual Studio as your needs grow.




Are you still using free web hosting for your website? I was too until I found A Small Orange. Prices start at only $35 a year. That’s not a promotional offer but the regular price and you do not need to prepay several years in advance to take advantage of the low price. Plus fast and super customer service!




BoogieJack.com is an HTML help site featuring standards-based HTML tutorials, CSS tutorials, HTML Code demonstrations, HTML Code Charts and other website design help and resources.




You’ve heard the buzz about the seperation of style from content, but you are stuck in the world of nested tables and deprecated markup. If so, you have come to the right place! Using CSS to style your (X)HTML files, will benefit you and your visitors in many ways.


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