10 Best Free Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress

Spamming in WordPress is a huge issue nowadays. Here we’ve listed 10 free anti spam plugins to save your personal WordPress site from spams. Spam in digital term is defined as the sending of unsolicited electronic message to a large number of recipient sometimes repeatedly to the point that it become sort of annoyance to the recipient. Every website or platform is a target of this disturbance that is why they had develop anti spam plugin to repulse and block this messages from reaching the users.

1. Akismet


Akismet is probably the most popular free anti spam plugin for WordPress. It is the most downloaded plugin of its kind. This plugin keeps track of every comment, ping-backs and trackbacks submitted on your blog then send it to akismet web servers for several test and filtering to separate spam from legitimate comments. It is free for personal use website but you have to pay $5 to $50 per month for commercial websites.

Download it From: WordPress

2. WP SpamShield


This free anti spam plugin is available for both commercial and personal use. It can eliminates automated comments without the use of captcha or challenge question and keep count of the blocked comment on the dashboard.

Download it From: WordPress

3. WordPress Zero Spam


It is the newest anti spam plugin that is easy to use yet powerful enough to round up those spam without the hassle of filling in captcha. Simply install and activate this plugin, no need to input any API or special setting configuration.

Download it From: WordPress

4. Growmap Anti Spambot


Just like the other anti spam plug in, Growmap Anti Spambot does not requires captcha to be filled in. They put check box for the user to use which is easier that filling in captcha. This check box is invisible to the bot making it easier for this plugin to spot bots spammer and actual human.

Download it From: WordPress

5. Anti Spam Bee


This plugin is very effective in combating spam. It uses IP address and validates it to the list synchronized with the servers. If it does not match it automatically put the comment in the spam folder and send email notification to the user.

Download it From: WordPress

6. Goodbye Captcha


This anti spam plugin identified bots without the use of hard to read captcha image. This plugin automatically blocked spam comment unlike other anti spam plug in that only sort spam and put it in a spam folder.

Download it From: WordPress

7. Stop Spammers


Stop Spammers is an aggressive website defense for spam on your website. It has 12 pages of options that can be use to suit your website needs. It also has 2o different checks for malicious events and can block spammers from over 100 countries.

Download it From: WordPress

8. Bad behavior


Bad behavior is another free anti spam plugin act as the gatekeeper to screen all those incoming comment to your website and screening them to separate spam from not. It also analyzed the delivery method and the software being used by the spam attacker so that it can prevent the spam attack even nobody has seen the particular spam before.

Download it From: WordPress

9. CommentLuv


CommentLuv is probably the only plugin that gives you a backlink to all the CommentLuv user in their websites. Aside from preventing spam this can also drives traffic for your site by giving you the ability to add keywords, integrate twitterlink and add top commentors widget.

Download it From: WordPress

10. Simple Comment


Simple Comment is a powerful and anti spam plugin that can protect your website’s login, registration, comment, contact and other forms from hackbots and spambots. Simle comment can give you a zero spam website if you can maximize its potential. Simple comment cost $29 per year that you can use for 3 blogs.

Download it From: WordPress

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