Your Favorite Shape and Your Characteristics

Your favrite shape can tell about your character and yoru personality. Wherever our eyes fall on is a geometric shape. Some are easily recognizable since them unique where as some do become part of our lives like the triangles, rectangles, squares and circles that we do not give them a second thought about their occurrences in our lives. A fascinating revelation by Dr. Susan Dellinger reveals that our favorite shapes have a truth to our personality. She argued that the knowledge a workmate’s favorite shape can help to develop them.

 1 – Squares:

Are you always a well-planned person? Do you often get infuriated when your planned deal backfires? And do you always leave your house early and still remember even where you placed the sweeping broom in your house? Well if the answer to most or all of those questions was a “Yes”, then chances are you like the triangle shape more than the rest of the shapes. According to Dr. Susan, Most people who love the triangle shape are usually perfectly organized, productive and enduring people.

Such people, always calculate and keenly plan their way to problem-solving and are annoyed when misfortunes befall them. Most of them are popular with high-ranking company jobs like CEOs, Managers or just the directors of institutions. Just to ask again, do you really love squares?

2 – Rectangles:

These shapes cover a large number of furniture in most homes. Ranging from tables, chairs, walls, beds among many others, rectangles, no doubt are the most widely used among all other shapes. Those who love rectangles as by the revelation do have a special liking to fun. Besides, they tend to be more intrusive, aggressive and most love to explore. The “Rectangle” personalities also do have a sense of confidence in all that they do.

Funny enough, they tend not to be accurate in their work. For instance, to work, they may report so early or at times very late but are never on time to office. Most are our cherished explorers and researchers.

3 – Triangles:

The “Triangle” personalities cover the most population of our leaders. Do you think that you can be in this category? To know whether you fall under this, it is simple. One of the ways is just to say from within that “I cherish triangles”.

Alternatively, it can be achieved by asking you a few questions. Like, do you always want to head others? Are you always too rigid to change your ideology over the influence of others even when you are openly wrong? Well, if your answer was “Yes” to both questions, then well done, I prefer that you start your campaigns for the next election as early as tomorrow morning.

4 – The Circle:

It is not documented on who invented the drawings of a circle; however the advent of this shape must have brought about radical changes in all industries. For sure, it is cynical that the invention of the wall clock could be documented but not about the circle. This common shape is all over our homes, even though common among utensils and decorations.

If you have never found value of this wonderful shape or a reason to cherish it, then it may be because you have never looked back to brain storm of how difficult it could have been to drive a vehicle with rectangular wheels. The existence of this shape in our lives is almost unavoidable, as a matter of fact, its preference as a darling shape for most people is undeniable. So to ask can you easily pinpoint the characteristics of the circle personality? Yes You can.

As by Dr. Dellinger, such people have a great social relationship with others. They have sympathy to all and always willing to assist others. They keep a habit of being generous, and inspire others. They are most us.

5 – The Squiggle/Zigzag/twist and turn:

They are most of our artists. Be it music artists, writers, famous bloggers/writers and many others. This group, do have one major characteristic, they do not prototype their thought before emulation, thus do not solve their problems procedurally. Their creativity ability is not just super, it is mega-creativity. They often maneuver new methods of problem solving. Most of them are our celebs.

If you didn’t know any of this, I am glad now you are aware.

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