Father and daughter Recaptured Old Wedding Photot After Mother’s Death

Ben Ali and Naneri married in 2009 and made a series of wedding pictures in their new home.But their happiness was short-lived – Ali died of lung cancer in 2011, leaving her husband and daughter. Two years later, the father and daughter decided to sell the house and move to another place, and at parting with his daughter Olivia, Ben wanted to recreate wedding photos in memory of  her mother.

“I would not want people to see in these photos pain and loss, and although I’m still worried about his wife’s death, my story is not about that – so we wanted to tell a love story” – says Ben.

We wants to show you a story about love and life after death, which empathize with thousands of people around the world.

Source: Today.com

Dad and Daughter (1)

Dad and Daughter (2)

Photo on the left was made in 2009, right – Ben and Olivia at the same place in 2013

Dad and Daughter (3)

Dad and Daughter (4)

While taking photos, Olivia found her mother’s curling iron and sat down to play. This picture reminded frame on the preparations for the wedding.

Dad and Daughter (5)

Photographer Melanie is an older sister of Ali – so the family wants to remember only the good things that happened in the past.

Dad and Daughter (6)

Dad and Daughter (7)

These pictures will remind Olivia of the house, where she began her life. Ben wanted his little daughter to remember the place where their life has begun.

Dad and Daughter (8)

Dad and Daughter (9)

The memory of Ali does not live in the house, it is in our hearts,” – says Ben.

Dad and Daughter (10)

Olivias’ new mother… Angel

Dad and Daughter (11)

During a photo shoot Olivia found a white feather, which appeared out of nowhere – the sister of Ali believes that  girl’s mother is watching her.

Dad and Daughter (12)

Dad and Daughter (13)

Ben plays the ukulele for his daughter. He plays Stevie Wonder song that was played at the wedding.

Dad and Daughter (14)

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