10 Famous Unsolved Crimes in the History

In history, there exist unsolved crimes. The investigators of these crimes have not found clear answers pertaining them, thus, they have remained unsolved. In this article, you will find some of the most famous unresolved crimes.

1 – Whitechapel killings

Whitechapel killings

It is a very famous unsolved crime in history. It occurred in London’s Whitechapel district in the year 1888. A single killer murdered eleven prostitutes. The killer is known as Jack the Rippe. However, the identity of this killer has never been known.

2 – Andrew and Abby Borden

Andrew and Abby Borden

They were husband and wife, and were both murdered on August 1882. Andrew was taking a nap while seated on a coach when he sustained eleven axe blows on his head. His wife Abby had sustained 19 of the blows an hour before. Lizzie Borden, who was a family member was tried and acquitted in connection to this crime. It was speculated that food poisoning, properties and strained relationship were behind the crime.

3 – Murder of John Middleton Clayton

Murder of John Middleton Clayton

It is an unsolved crime in history. This murder occurred in Pinkerton, Arkansas on January 1889. At this time, he was contesting a defeat for a seat in congress. A reward of $5000 was to be awarded to anyone with information regarding his murder. However, despite this and the fact that there were strong suspicions, nobody has been charged for this crime. The House of Representatives carried out an investigation after this murder and found that his opponent had committed an election offense.

4 – Axeman of New Orleans

Axeman of New Orleans

This man first appeared on May 1918 after Joseph Maggio, a grocer and his wife were found murdered in their sleep. An axe was found covered by blood from the couple. So far, this killer has not been found.

5 – Atlas vampire

Atlas vampire

This occurred in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 1992 when a prostitute was found butchered. A Crushing blow to the prostitute’s skull is believed to have caused the death, and the killer is believed to have drunk the blood. This has remained to be an unresolved crime due to lack of witness.

6 – The Black Dahlia

The Black Dhalia

This occurred in Los Angeles, California in the year 1947 when the body of Elizabeth Short was found mutilated and drained of blood. This unsolved crime had a number of suspects behind it but none has been convicted.

7 – Marilyn Sheppard

Marilyn Sheppard

She was killed at their home and later on, her husband was convicted in connection to this murder. He claimed to be innocent and he was acquitted. This has remained to be an unresolved crime.

8 – Taman Shud case

Taman Shud case

On December 1, 1948, an unknown man was found dead in Adelaide, South Australia. Despite government efforts to trace the identity of this man, they were unsuccessful.

9 – Boy in the Box

Boy in box

On February 25, 1957, a boy aged between 4 to 6 years was found naked and murdered in a cardboard box in Northeast Philadelphia. This has remained an unresolved crime since the identity of the boy remained unknown.

10 – Jack the Stripper

Jack the Stripper

He murdered eight prostitutes between the years 1964 to 1965. Although he was implicated in connection to this murder, there was no enough evidence to link him to this, and the case has seemed to be ceasing on its own.

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