10 Creative Ways to Boost Your Site Traffic

Boost your site traffic: In today’s world we have countless different websites, so the big question for anyone who develops or creates one is how to boost your site traffic in order to stand up against all the competition?

To give you answers to this important question, we have created it the following top 10 list, to help you optimize your site traffic:

1 – Use social media to you advantage

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It will be an impossible task to find a person who nowadays doesn’t have at least an account in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or YouTube to name just a few. Your site shouldn’t be the exception, so start creating and managing an account in every app and site possible.

2 – Develop a social campaign


In order to boost your site traffic you must develop a campaign that allows people to find your site by doing a simple word search in any of the media, simply use #hash tags to help you trend your content and get it out there for anyone who is interested in it.

3 – Constantly update your content

Content - Update your website content regularly - SEO Tips - Con

We are living in a fast world and people always want to have a site that gives them the most information and updates within every hour, and by providing them new fresh content frequently you will make a habit in your public.

4 – Use important keywords in your posts


This will allow people to find what they are looking for faster and it will get them to your site within the first searches they do online.

5 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


In order to make your site more attractive and easy to find, you can have in each page a unique title using the <title> tag and you can also use <alt> tags in your images or use tags to identify your headings, such as <h1>, <h2>

6 – Always keep in mind the feedback from your visitors


By reading and replying to your visitor’s comments and emails you will show your readership that you are taking them in consideration, and knowing their opinions will give you more ideas for your next updates.

7 – Link all your posts

Content - Update your website content regularly - SEO Tips - Con

Besides social media you can link your articles to the Google+ page and RSS feed, use a link inspection tool, and even link out to other blogs or interlink within some of you own previous posts

8 – Have keyword research tools


This will allow you to write about the things people are searching the most.

9 – Don’t sacrifice good writing and quality for SEO


You have to always write having the user in mind when you are creating new content instead of just doing it for the search engine in order to boost your site traffic.

10 – Promote your site URL


Have your site URL in your business cards, your email signature, and every social media app; you can also post it in different blogs or forums related to your content;

These are just a few of the many ways you can boost your site traffic, it is important that you always keep your site updated with all the new trends that are coming every day, so don’t get left behind and settle with what you have.

Find even more options that the ones we just listed and make your site a success.

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