12 Must Have Creative Kitchen Products

Creative kitchen products are not very common. But, when you see a creative kitchen product, it will definitely amaze you. Here is a selection of the most creative kitchen accessories. We are not sure where you can buy these kitchen products, but if you are interested we can definitely find out for you.

1. Cutting board with a table of weights and measures

Not so easy to keep in mind how many grams of sugar in a teaspoon. This cutting board will be an excellent tip.

2. Elegant spoon in the form of black and white swans

This will present ballet in your kitchen. The bucket is made so that it can stay on the surface of your soup, like a swan on a pond.

3. Holder spoon Agatha – sorceress, or witch

This spoon will remain exactly the position in which you left it.

4. Yellow Submarine brew your strong flavored tea

Fill the boat can be like tea bags, simply by placing them inside, and tea loose one.

5. Family Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) mom, dad and baby

The mythical atmosphere at Kahne guaranteed.

6. Bed dish Cleaner

After all the dishes shines and shines purity, put the sponge in her bed and let rest a little. She deserved.

7. Cubs Nessie for brewing tea.

8. Screws for bottles

decoration for any wine. If the bottle is not dopit, push it back stopper – the whole meal. Silicone bottle screws are the ideal solution to seal the open bottle. Silicone well bends and at the same time is very tight to the walls of the bottle.

9. Egg Poached

From this point on, your ideal breakfast will be even more perfect. Just 5 minutes ride on a gondola – everything you need for first-class eggs poached.

10. To put a hot bowl of soup?

Best of all this mat as a bearskin that will stand the heat.

11. Let Dad Nessie will impose spaghetti out of the pot in a bowl

He jumped out of the pan with your favorite spaghetti, as if from Loch Ness waters.

12. Tired of the fact that the packaging is a little bit of spaghetti?

Keep them in a special pot, which can measure out the right amount for cooking. The cover may open the 4 different diameter openings which determine the amount of spaghetti according to the portions, from 1 to 4. Simply open the appropriate cover.

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