Best Facebook Alternatives Social Networks: 25 Sites

Best Facebook Alternative: Do you like social media? If you like as most of the people like then Facebook is the first choice for you. But you may not like Facebook. If that happen then you will need to join in other social network. There are many other social network you can join but the aren’t much popular as Facebook. Though the have millions of users everyday. So you will have full fun in those networks too. Each sites has their own features. So you may like to open in several networks. All of this networks are for sharing your feelings with friends. All of the social media networks are for fun. So the main thin thing is get fun. Any where you get fun stay there. Now I am sharing 25 Facebook alternative social media sites. See these if you like.

1. Orkut

Google’s entry in the social network field (not counting Google Buzz). Not big in most of the world, but a massive success in Brazil and to a lesser extent, India. Launched in 2004.


2. Twitter

Another Facebook alternative that really needs no introduction, at least to the readers of this blog. It should be noted that these results may be a bit unfair to Twitter since people to a large extent use applications to access Twitter and don’t necessarily surf to the website so much. Launched in 2006.


3. Odnoklassniki (Classmates)

A Russian social network for classmates and old friends (“odnoklassniki” means “classmates”). Launched in 2006.


4. vKontakte

A popular Russian social network that is often described as a Russian Facebook clone. Launched in 2006. This is a really best Facebook alternative.


5. Badoo

A social networking site that originated in Russia but is now most popular in several Latin American countries, as well as France, Italy and Spain. Launched in 2006.


6. Flickr

Some may think of Flickr as just a photo-sharing site, but it’s always had a strong social element and is listed as a social network in Wikipedia, so we included it here. Launched in 2004. This is not really a Facebook alternative but if you like photographs then you should try this.


7. Hi5 Social Network

A social network with a global audience, although an extra large share of its users come from Thailand, Mexico, Romania and Peru. Launched in 2003.


8. Myspace

The former number one social network is not faring so well at the moment, at least when you think about how successful it once was. Launched in 2003. Still this site is relatively consider as Facebook alternative in the USA.


9. Nasza Klasa

A Polish social network for students and alumni (the name means “our class”). Launched in 2006.


10. Tuenti

Another site that basically got its start as a local Facebook copy, this time in Spain. It’s often referred to as the “Spanish Facebook.” Launched in 2006.


11. Tagged

A social network launched in 2004, somewhat infamous for rather spammy invitation email practices a couple of years ago.


12. Taringa!

An Argentinian social network available in Spanish and Portuguese. Much of its traffic comes from Latin American countries and Spain. Launched in 2004.


13. Cyworld

A South Korea-based social network mainly active in South Korea, but it also has operations in China and Vietnam. Launched in 1999.


14. LiveJournal

One of the early social network sites, started in the United States but nowadays based in Russia. Launched in 1999. Another Facebook alternative from Russia.


15. Wer-kennt-wen

A German social network somewhat similar to Myspace. The name means “who-knows-whom.” Launched in 2006.


16. Sonico

A social network aimed mainly at a Latin American audience. Launched in 2007.


17. MeinVZ

StudiVZ is a German social networking site mainly for college and university students in Europe, similar to Facebook (actually, in 2008, Facebook sued them for copying its look, feel and features). MeinVZ is an English-language version of this site aimed at non-students.


18. Skyrock

A French social network. Launched in 2002 as a blogging service (, it became a full-blown social network in 2007.


19. deviantART

A social network where artists can meet, discuss and showcase their work. Launched in 2000.


20. iWiW

Short for “International Who is Who,” iWiW is a Hungarian social network. Launched in 2002 as WiW (i.e. the same moniker but without the “international” part).


21. Meetup

Facilitates its users with common interests to find each other online through the social network and then facilitate an actual meeting offline. Users enter a zip code and a topic they want to meet about and Meetup helps arrange a place and time to meet.


22. Stumbleupon

Helps spread your content virally to your StumbleUpon friends and other like-minded people — integrates with other social networks, such as Facebook.


23. Delicious

The popular social bookmarking service for storing and sharing favorite web pages.


24. Foursquare

One of the big geo-location services; it can be built into other websites and social services.


25. LinkedIn

A business-oriented social network that you’re probably already well aware of. Launched in 2003. This is not really Facebook alternative but if you want to grow your professional network then you should try this.


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