10 Super Energetic Motivational Videos to Get Some Boost

Here is a collection of top 10 motivation videos on YouTube to keeping you going. Life can turn its ugly side on us once in a while. You may be going through a difficult time at this moment; feeling discouraged like you have reached rock bottom. Hang on in there you will get through it no matter how difficult it may seems.

1 – Live your Dream

Life circumstances are meant to help you discover your greatness. With determination, dedication and passion you can attain your dreams. Memorable quote from this motivational video is; ‘You are greater than your circumstances’.

2 – Be Phenomenal


This motivational video encourages you to seize opportunities as they come, there is never a perfect time to do something good. You have to embrace your pain rather than running away from it, set your goals, search for knowledge and put in sacrifice. The best quote from this video is; ‘Greatness is a lot of small things done well day after day’.

3 – How Great I am


This video motivates you to work hard, stick to your goals and believe in yourself. The greatest quotes from this video is, ‘We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit’.

4 – How bad do you want it

This motivational video tells a story of a young man who wanted to have a lot of money and went to a rich guru to seek advice. Memorable quotes from this video is, ‘Sleep is for those people who are broke’.

5 – Desire

Tells you that you can always rise up when you have reached your bottom, you only need to face yourself and find out your ‘Why’. The best quote from this video is ‘Time for just wishing is past, time for doing right, and is now’.

6 – The Best Motivational Video 2015- Excuses

The motivational video is about how people let negativity and excuses ruin their lives. To succeed, you have to overcome negativity, laziness and make the right choices. Memorable quote from this video is ‘Change your mind and your life will change’.

7 – Believe in Yourself – Motivational Video

This video is about positivity and unwavering self-belief to accomplish great things. Memorable quotes from this videos; ‘if you are never sure of whom you are then your dreams and goals will never be a reality’.

8 – Becoming Better than Yesterday – Motivational Video

The main message from this video is, everyone is special and was born with a purpose you don’t have to settle for less. Memorable quote; ‘Life is hard after all it kills you’.

9 – Best Motivation Video 2015 – Now

Never give up on your dreams you have unexploited potential always aspire to do better than before. The clip encourages you to express your true self and love your dream. Memorable quote is ‘you haven’t done your best yet’.

10 – Obsessed with Success – Motivation/Mind Innovation

To move higher in life, you need to set bigger goals than those you have already attained. You need to be obsessed by success to move forward. A memorable quote from this video is; ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and can believe, the mind can achieve’.

There are many other great motivational videos on YouTube, for you to try. However, the key themes in most motivational videos are positivity, passion and persistence.

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