10 Important Things to Do Before Publishing Your Blog Post

For your blog post to go viral, there are important things that you should do before publishing blog posts. This article will discuss these things.

1 – Make the blog post concise and pertinent

Before publishing blog post, make sure that it is not too wordy as this may make the readers bored and then switch to other posts. Most blog readers expect prompt information and quick results.

2 – Get someone else to proofread the post

You may fail to detect some errors in your post, so get someone else to do proofreading before publishing blog post. Most of these are the common mistakes.

3 – Read Aloud

Assume that you are the reader and then use your five senses to read the post. This is a good way to know the flow of reading on the part of the readers and also in identifying the presence of any errors in the post.

4 – Make sure that the facts and figures are correct

In case these turn out to be wrong, your credibility will be lost. This explains why you should ensure that they are right before publishing a blog post. Including references and using reliable sources of information is the key to ensuring this.

5 – Be specific on audience

Understand the audience targeted by the post very well. Use a language which you are sure that they will find it comfortable while reading and even without having to consult from the dictionary. Acronyms and abbreviated words need to be spelled out correctly.

6 – Ensure that the goal is achieved

There is all what you intended to achieve in the post. Ensure that this has been achieved before publishing the blog post. Failure to do this will render the post useless to the readers which might scare them away from reading other posts on your site.

7 – Check the post for SEO

If you ensure this before publishing blog post, then this will increase the SEO of the article and as well as the overall website on search. This will indefinitely promote your blog

8 – Add Images with SEO attributes

Images are good for any blog post. Before publishing blog post, add an image if you had not added one. Add captions and other descriptions which are SEO friendly to this image. PNG and JPEG images are the best since the quality of the image will be high.

9 – Be keen on codes

In case you use codes in your post as most bloggers do, do it with keen. This is because it can cause some problems when shifting from HTML to visual mode and especially in WordPress. These codes can be for embedding a widget or for sharing an image.

10 – Add quality to the post

Before publishing blog post, make sure that its quality is high. The technicalities and jargon used should be good to the target audience. The title should not exceed 70 characters in length. Emotions and humor can also be used to enhance the quality of the article.

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