10 Iconic Photos That Changed the World

Photos that change the world: They say, a picture can speak a thousand words, but only a very few can depict thoughts or actions which are poignant enough to shake the entire world or galvanize entire human race. Here are such 10 photographs that changed the world and its perspective towards certain beliefs and things:

1 – Nagasaki Nuclear Attack:


This is the bitterest proof of human’s inhumane abilities to wreak havoc. The mushroom cloud formed after charging the atom bombs over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 still sends shiver down the spine. This photograph was taken by US air force from B-29 Super fortresses.

2 – Segregated Water Fountains:


This picture taken by Elliott Erwitt in North California in 1950 pierces the heart with the injustice that was so widely prevalent throughout years. Thankfully, the situation has changed over the years.

3 – Earthrise from moon:


William Anders captured earthrise in 1968 on human histories first ever mission to moon. Before this photograph, nobody could ever imagine how earth might look like from space.

4 – Dr Fritz Klein in a mass grave:


The infamous camp physician of Hitler, Dr. Fritz Klein was photographed standing amidst the mass grave at one of the concentration camps. This photograph still makes our heads down in shame and heart wrenching in pain.

5 – Sudanese Child and Vulture:


This one photograph earned Kevin Carter Pulitzer as it perfectly summed up the not-so-perfect cruelty of the infamous famine in Sudan. But the photographer could not accept the fame that came with this photograph and he ended his life within 3 months.

6 – The Corpse of Che Guevara:


Call him the socialists’ heartthrob or the youth icon or the Marxist revolutionary, you cannot deny the fact that this so-called “sociopathic thug,” Ernesto Che Guevara was described by Jean Paul Sartre as “the most complete human being of our age.” And, probably, this is the one photograph that gave him the legendary status and made “Vive la revolution” a reality.

Before executing Che and dumping his corpse in some secret grave, the Bolivian army took this photograph to demoralize the followers. What happened instead is just the opposite. Guevara’s calm face along with his body posture carried a close resemblance to that of the Christ’s. Thus, “Che” lived forever.

7 – The Falling Man:


This photograph taken by Richard Drew of AP on the black day, 9/11, captured a part of the attack which redefined terror and terrorism. Though widely criticized by readers, this photo has become one of the most disturbing images till date.

8 – Abu Ghraib prison:


Though the US Army published a series of such images in 2004 as a matter of pride, this actually brought harshest criticism to them for their brutal humiliation and abuse of Iraqi inmates in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison.

9 – Marilyn Monroe:


Sam Shaw captured and immortalized the beauty with a single shot as Marilyn Monroe entered the New York subway grate.

10 – Einstein with his tongue out:


Let’s close this list with one photograph that will bring back the smile on your face. It was Albert Einstein’s 72nd birthday on March 14, 1951. Though he made this tongue-out face out of disgust after posing for hours, it happened to become the most popular photograph of the scientist. He himself liked the photograph as well.

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