10 Content Sharing Site to Share Your Website Contents!

Content sharing sites are a good source to bring more traffic to your website. Some sites give users free space to share website content while others will only give them a limited amount of second. In most cases, the latter will give these users an option of paying some amount of fee for them to get an extra amount of space for sharing website content.

1. Inspirearena.com

Its a online web design inspiration magazine and also a free open platform, where everyone can publish articles, featuring his or her own creative works and inspiring posts with others and help them to grow up with their vision. Creating a new account is very easy and site response is so fast thats why we have listed it as number one content sharing site.

Here you go: Inspire Arena

2. 4shared.com


It is among the leading file delivery and online storage service founded in the year 2005. Its users can choose to upload, store or download photos, music, video or documents. After creating an account with 4shared, one is awarded 10GB free space to share website content.

Start Sharing Now: 4shared

3. Crocodoc.com


With this, users can mark online any PDF, word document, web page or a PowerPoint presentation. Users can also share documents amongst themselves while adding some notes or comments, highlighting some text or making revisions.

Browse from here: Crocodoc

4. Calameo.com


It is a publishing platform where users can publish their interactive publications, online documents and digital magazines. Users are able to share website content using mobile phones since the site is very responsive. Pdfs can also be converted to HTML5.

Here you go: Calameo

5. Esnips.com


Music, videos and pictures are the main kinds of files that can be downloaded from Esnips.com. Users who want to share content for website given chance to create an account and do so. Users of Mozilla Firefox are able to install esnips downloader which directs the browser’s home page to the search engine.

Here you start: Esnips

6. Hubpages.com


The purpose for Hubpages is to host internet content which has been developed by members. Each member is given a sub-domain where they can share website content. Photos, videos, external links, maps and reader surveys can be shared. Each member has the permission to delete any content at any time that they want.

Share now: Hub Pages

7. Docshare.com


It is a content management system with which users can manage content, develop software systems and also integrate their content with other business systems. Users find it easy to share website content with docshare since it has a simplified User Interface.

Start from here: Doc Share

8. Empress.com


It provides an interactive environment to its users for them to share website content. Documents belonging to an organization can be shared across the internet. Awareness of a brand can be created for increased marketing. Business documents in this case include brochures, user manuals, case studies, reports and releases.

Browse It: Empress

9. Squidoo.com


With Squidoo, users can create pages, normally called lenses. These pages can then be used to share website content and market organization’s products leading to increased sales.

Visit from here:  Squidoo

10. Issuu.com


This is a platform for publishing catalogs, newspapers and magazines. The work of publishing is done electronically. Any device including mobile phones can be used to access issuu. Some of its common titles include arts, fashion, and culture.

Here you go: Issuu