Download 26 Free Decorative Russian Fonts

Download Free Russian fonts and Cyrillic fonts: Russian fonts and Cyrillic fonts are become very famous nowadays. First, let’s admire the soft rounded mark of Gecko2 and sharp ceremonial order of TT directors are outstanding. Propaganda font also makes a good impression of its dimension. Strong active font Troika is ideal for writing headlines. Inscription Germanica refers

10 Content Sharing Site to Share Your Website Contents!

Content sharing sites are a good source to bring more traffic to your website. Some sites give users free space to share website content while others will only give them a limited amount of second. In most cases, the latter will give these users an option of paying some amount of fee for them to

Have a Cat…? What’s Your Cat Type?

I love cats. They are cute. They are independent. They can be good companions but they are not needy. Besides nothing says “home” better than a house with a cat in it. it is THE perfect pet! Cats come in different shapes and sizes. They have their own attitude, personality and opinion about your weird

Logos With Hidden Messages: 40 Logos

Logos with hidden messages: Everyday we come across so many different logos. Within them most of them are well known brand logos. Have you ever looked all those logos clearly? If you have looked them very clearly you can see that many of those logos have a hidden messages. Here we’ve listed 40 logos and

12 Most Beautiful Restaurants In the World

Most Beautiful Restaurants In the World: There are so many beautiful places where you should visit at least once in your life!  But there are restaurants where, despite the delicious cuisine and excellent service, you visit just to be there – to enjoy its surrounding and beauty. Here we have listed 12 most beautiful restaurants

Never Ending Love Stories of our Grandparents

Love is the only thing that rules the entire world. Here we are providing an awesome collection of old couples having a good time. Let us know which one is your favorite. Enjoy the nature together Getting more prettier  Celebrating 50th anniversary Joke over each other Hugging passionately Hugging in a subway Becoming a child

Dedicated Photographers at Their Best

Photography is an art. It requires hard work, dedication, passion and patience. Did you ever give your best when you photograph your photos? These photographers are giving their best to capture the best photos. Some are staying in same position for hours and hours, without even thinking about the weather. Some are moving their body

Beautiful Beaches and Beach Resorts Around the World

There are so many beautiful beaches and beach resorts around the world. But, only few are standing out for their beauty or landscape or even the resort around it. The wonderful thing about beaches is you don’t need anything to have a good time at beach. Yes! You’ll get everything at your feet: sunset, sunrise,

World In the View of a Drone

Amos Chapple, a Kiwi based photographer, came up with stunning photo series which were totally taken from  a drone! Yes!! you read it right, drone. All those shots were stunning. Most of those photographs feature places in India and Russia. When he was asked about this series in BBC News interview he said “This is

What if Disney Characters had Instagram?

What if Disney stories had Instagram? Yes! That thought itself fantastic, isn’t it? Simona Bonafini, currently working as a freelance illustrator, is a graphic designer from Politecnico di Milano. She wanted to give real life to disney characters so that they would have Instagram too. Here we’re presenting few of her wonderful illustrations. You can also